Ongoing thread of developing evidence against the COVID19 "pandemic" scam.

This web page here is a thread that was originally on facebook until facebook illegally censored it. Disturbingly, facebook censored this thread on 10 January 2022, two months after it was first posted on facebook, and just when it was starting to get exposure and when it started including references from government websites that directly contradict the government's fraudulent claims of COVID19 being a "pandemic." Facebook can't claim it only became aware of this thread on 10 January 2022 since, within 3 days of my having originally posted this thread on facebook, facebook pasted the following sticky on it:

Facebook's censorship tactics are far more deceitful than even twitter's, since twitter flat out censor's you whereas facebook censors you only when your posts gain awareness, the obvious intent of that being to dupe people at first sight into falsely and dangerously believing that "facebook is an open and neutral platform." Facebook needs to lose its Section 230 shield so it can be sued as a publisher and held accountable for its censorship. It's obviously not the "neutral platform" that Section 230 requires.

November 4, 2021:   This is the original post I made to facebook about the dangers of the COVID19 vaccines. When facebook committed its censorship, it showed me the contents of this post as its claimed justification so I was able to recover this post.

Here's the clearest evidence yet, from a reputable source (i.e. elsevier) no less, that, while COVID19 the disease is real, the entire claimed "COVID19 pandemic" scam is fake and an illegal treasonous power grab by corrupt officials: SCIENCEDIRECT.COM: Why are we vaccinating our children against COVID19?

More and more, it's becoming clear that COVID19 is just like the flu and the COVID19 vaccines are far more dangerous than legitimate vaccines like those for childhood diseases.

I just have to wonder how long it will take for farcebook to try to censor this reply, using the false claim of "this violates our community standards because it spreads dangerous misinformation," (Update: that happened on 10 January 2022 when this thread on facebook began to get exposure and include government website evidence that proved the claimed COVID19 "pandemic" to be a scam: details) where the reality is that farcebook is illegally complicit in trying to force everyone into the left's intended communism, which also now includes the risk of having your health totally trashed by a COVID19 "vaccine" that's showing a far more damaging track record than legitimate vaccines.

BTW, farcebook, I'm watching, and will report all of your censorship attempts here.

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Further details for November 4, 2021 post:   These originally were replies I made to the original 4 November 2021 post as I came across additional evidence of the dangers of the COVID19

COVID19 on average has a better than 95% survival rate: John Hopkins COVID19 Mortality Analyses

No doubt the left, the Dems and all other corrupt career politicians and bureaucrats are going to use the following hysteria, that they intentionally created, as an excuse to falsely claim that "hospitals are being overrun due to the COVID19 pandemic:" The Chickens of the Collective Psychosis of COVID Hysteria Come Home to Roost

The risk of autoimmune reactions for endothelium and cardiac muscle tissue is greater for people who have received the COVID19 mRNA "vaccine:" details. Obviously, the dokktors who concocted the COVID19 mRNA "vaccine" weren't paying attention to anything beyond the results, of the person "vaccinated" producing antibodies for the COVID19 "spike protein," that they were intent on getting, such as the following. This isn't the first time that dokktors have been this sloppy, a previous notable example being the vioxx disaster.

More concerns about the COVID19 "vaccine:"


November 30, 2021:

Facebook's "fact checkers" using fabricated "claims" as an excuse to obstruct awareness of just how contrived the supposed "supporting evidence of the COVID19 pandemic" is: details.


December 16, 2021:

More facebook obstruction: details.


January 4, 2022:

More facebook obstruction: details.


January 9, 2022:

Here's further proof of corrupt government politicians and bureaucrats, along with complicit hospitals, intentionally fudging the COVID19 case and death counts to try to falsely "justify" the fake illegal treasonous COVID19 "pandemic" scam.

Almost half of the people admitted into those hospitals were for non COVID19 reasons, but tested positive for COVID19 while in the hospital, possibly because they contracted COVID19 while in the hospital, and therefore were fraudulently counted as COVID19 cases and/or deaths.

Facebook censorship note: facebook committed its censorship less than a day after I posted this reference to the NY governor's website and shared this COVID19 "pandemic" scam thread on posts by other facebook users. Until then, I was only being obstructed by the "Visit the COVID-19 Information Center for vaccine resources" sticky as shown above.


Further details for January 9, 2021 post:

The inflated COVID19 death and case count hype the CDC and other government agencies have been spinning for two years is starting to unravel.

UPDATE: US Military Report States COVID-19 Was Created by a US-Funded EcoHealth Alliance Program at Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Facebook censorship note: facebook, much more than even twitter, has been very aggressive in censoring everything about COVID19 that doesn't fit into the left's communist narrative of "COVID19 is a deadly disease that occurred naturally and you must get, and keep getting, vaccinated against that deadly disease." This stinks of facebook being complicit in how COVID19 was created, and what was and is the intended goal of COVID19. It's time to consider the possibility of a connection between Zuckerberg and Fauci.


January 21, 2022:   All content of this webpage from 10 January 2022 and later are additions that were not part of the original post on facebook but would have been had facebook not committed its censorship.

Another piece of the illegal treasonous COVID19 "pandemic" scam is exposed.


January 23, 2022:

Here's an example of the absurdities that people are engaging in to try to falsely "justify" the illegal treasonous COVID19 "pandemic" scam and its quaxine ("vaccine") mandates. Here's a screenshot in case the link to the article is inaccessible.

From the article: "I accept my role as collateral damage of the vaccine rollout." This is also an example of full blown acceptance of communism, where only the artificial "collective" matters and the rights, health and lives of individuals count for nothing. It's bad enough when someone intentionally jeopardizes their own health to accept such an absurd demand. It's much worse when corrupt government officials want to force everyone to do the same, which is what's happening right now.

#CommunismKills #SocialismKills #LeftismIsSatanism #LetsGoBrandon #MAGA #KAG #BuildBackBetter #AmericanRescuePlan #WalkAway


January 31, 2022:

Another person who's life has been permanently ruined by the COVID19 quaxine ("vaccine") scam. Here's a screenshot in case the link to the article is inaccessible.

The potential harm from the COVID19 "vaccine" is so bad that it outweighs even the supposed small probability, that's rapidly getting larger, of incurring that harm from the COVID19 "vaccine."


February 5, 2022:

Another and possibly the most insidious attempt by corrupt government officials and their MSM cronies to try to program and/or "guilt" the grassroots in the U.S. into falsely believing the MSM to be "legitimate," to blindly swallow the MSM spew and to obey without question all MSM and government dictates. Here's a screenshot, with additions pointing out some of the insidious lies, in case the link to the article is inaccessible.


February 16, 2022:

Here's an article that clearly compares the risk of harm from the COVID19 quaxine to the claimed benefits from receiving that quaxine. The result: not a good look at all for the corrupt public officials who are trying to force that quaxine on everyone.


September 18, 2022:

#DeepStateAttorneySwamp aka "the administrative state," using the MSM, is STILL trying to push the COVID19 "pandemic" scam and its quaxine

...with it's fear tactics of "...Federal data have shown that although vaccinated people have had breakthrough infections, they remain much less likely to die of COVID than unvaccinated people, especially if they had also received booster shots. As of early July, unvaccinated people 50 and older were more than a dozen times more likely to die of COVID than vaccinated people of the same ages who had two or more boosters..." (but see the screenshot here for the debunking of these fear tactics, which is CDC's admission of the truth of this article.).

Here's additional evidence of the claimed COVID19 "pandemic" being a scam.

  • No doubt a large percentage of people who've been listed as COVID19 deaths were originally admitted for reasons other than COVID19 (i.e. fraud).
  • It's been made very profitable for hospitals to fudge the cause of death for their patients as a COVID19 death, even if the cause of death was something other than COVID19 (i.e. more fraud).
  • Hospitals using procedures that are damaging to the patient and that greatly increase the chance of death.
  • Suppression of holistic remedies such as Vitamin D, UV therapy, hydroxychloroquine and ivermectin, even though there's proof those remedies have worked.
  • A true pandemic would have a 30%+ death rate regardless of underlying health, and not the less than 2% death rate that COVID19 has.

Leaks from the LA Times article:

  • "...73-year-old mother tested positive for the coronavirus in July..."
  • "...She had been vaccinated against COVID and received booster shots as well,...struggling with kidney disease...dialysis..."
  • "...The virus claimed the lives of nearly 800 people in L.A. County...Elderly people bore the brunt of that increase, with a death rate that had tripled among people who had reached their 80th birthday...Across California, roughly half of COVID deaths this summer were among people who had reached age 80 or older, and nearly one-third were between 65 and 79..."
  • "...Even last year, as vaccines became available, COVID continued to slash life expectancy in California..."
  • "...The worst hit were Black and Latino people in areas with low incomes..."
  • "...And then there are longstanding inequities in who suffers from chronic illnesses such as diabetes, which leave people more vulnerable when the virus hits...In Los Angeles County, the vast majority of people who died from COVID between May and July had at least one comorbidity, and nearly half had three or more, including hypertension, cardiovascular disease, obesity and other conditions. People in poorer neighborhoods have also been dying at higher rates than those in richer areas...They may have had cancer in the past. They could be on immunocompromising medications for rheumatoid arthritis or, at times, on steroids for their chronic illnesses..."


October 4, 2022:

The evidence noose continues to tighten around the deadly COVID19 quaxine:

Viral Research Paper Proves COVID Shots Kill Brain Cells & Heart Cells (news article)
A Case Report: Multifocal Necrotizing Encephalitis and Myocarditis after BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccination against COVID-19 (main page)
A Case Report: Multifocal Necrotizing Encephalitis and Myocarditis after BNT162b2 mRNA Vaccination against COVID-19 (PDF document)

Fraudci ("Fauci") and the rest of the CDC need to address this. Also, very disturbing and revealing that the FDA refuses to release autopsy results of the people who've died from the COVID19 quaxine.


October 14, 2022:

Pfizer admits they never tested their COVID19 quaxine to see if it would work before making it available to their various governments around the world who then forced that quaxine on their citizens. See the video here.


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